Thursday, November 27, 2008

Need name for your Baby?

Are you still confused in naming your next child or soon to be baby? I was in the same frustration when I had my first baby. He was my first so I wanted the name to be simple, and not to popular. I don’t want to name him too punk or too cute or something like a rock star. Lol…

Good thing now is we have Baby names that we can choose from. A lot better than what our neighbor or old friends suggested haha! We can able to choose by meaning, by the origin, and a lot of tips for figuring out what first names go best with middle or last names and more. Names with good and nice meaning behind it right?

So whether you’re looking for a baby girl name or boy it’s now so easy to get that perfect name for that adorable baby.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We make finding the right floorplan and choosing options easy-- visit our Model Home Village in Chilesburg (Lexington) and see six floorplans at once, dressed up in a variety of available options and upgrades. See a variety of floorplans in our group of more than two dozen model homes located throughout our communities at Louisville Real Estate.

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We make it easy by maintaining a great inventory of Quick Move homes, for buyers who want the comfort, quality, and convenience of a brand new home without the wait of new construction.

We also make it easy for those who know exactly what they want, or want the fun of discovering it, by also offering build-to-suit homes in a variety of locations and neighborhoods, and with more than sixty customizable floorplans to choose from.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Dream House

It’s always been my dream to own a house. A house of my own. It doesn’t matter if it’s old or new as long as I can call it mine. You see, I have all this set in my mind since I was a kid, a not so big house, big front yard for my garden (of course I love flowers), I also want a big back yard for my vegetable gardening plus herbs ( I wont missed that of course) and a big playground for my kids.

Growing up in a smaller house make us (my bro and sis) more close with each other. We share bed and mattress. Oh those where the days. Ok let me go back to my dream house. Maybe 3 to 5 years for now I wish I can have my own house. Probably I can loan from the bank right? Lol…

I’m thinking if I can just loan a mortgage and buy an old house (so it would be cheaper) and we can just renovate it after sometimes. Isn’t good idea? Buying a new furnish house is no good now a days, it cost so much compare to an old house. I’m kuripot (cheap). Lol. I can just easily change those bins and skip hire and change it to new one and have it renovate with the help of my Dad of course he knows almost everything about carpentry thank God. Lol.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Are you IN?

Being in sports is a great way to be active and healthy.

Husband recently joined his co-worker do a three times a week jogging and walking after working hours. So he started to be a health conscious also. He always see to it that he only eat 1 cup of rice every meal and started to eat fruits and drink a lot of water.

So if you're also into sports and in need of sports supply like basket ball, soccer ball, football or even volleyball? This are the great sports that kids love to join. Now you can able to buy them online.

And it shouldn't be too hard to find right gear for your or for your kids. Let them stay healthy and still enjoy their favorite sports. Support them by giving their needs. A sport is still sports. It can be a bonding time to you and your family. So what are you waiting for? Check out all the Team Sports gear online.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why cord blood banking

I've been hearing about this before but never got a chance to read and understand what it is really all about. A cord blood is taken from the umbilical cord of a new born infant at virtually no risk to either the mother or infant. It is similar to blood taken from the bone marrow but is notably easier to extract. And with the recent advances in medical research indicate that using cord blood improves your chances of successfully fighting a wider range of diseases than marrow blood because the cells in cord blood are more primitive and carry a significantly reduced risk of bodily rejection and treating disease. Wow the value of cord blood is just amazing.

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